Dynamic Behavior Of Pile Foundations

Han, Yingcai
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The dynamic behavior of pile foundations is investigated in both theory and practice. The computation method for vibration of pile foundations and DYNAN computer program are introduced comprehensively. With a model of non-reflective boundary between the near field and far field, the Novak's method of soil-pile interaction is improved. The dynamic analysis and design of foundation for a reciprocation compressor with driver power 15,000 HP are described to illustrate the computation method of soil-pile interaction. Different design options for the piles are compared to limit the vibration of foundation and produce a safe, economic system. The design with 16 - 0.9 m piles is adopted rather than that with 25-0.5 m piles, since the larger damping is provided by the piles with larger diameter. Both field and laboratory tests were carried out to investigate the soil properties including down hole seismic tests to provide soil shear wave velocities at different depths. The method and procedure used in this study can be applied to the design of pile foundations for tall buildings, bridges and offshore platform with soil-pile interaction under seismic, blast, sea wave and other dynamic loads.
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