Design Of Laterally Loaded Single Pile In Sand Near Slope - A Proposal For Subgrade Reaction Factors

Mezazigh, Salim
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
Usually different methods for designing a single pile submitted to a lateral loading are available. They are based on theory of elasticity with the parameters E,v or subgrade reaction method using the p-y curves. The subgrade reaction methods are commonly used. They allow determining the efforts exerted along the piles and their corresponding displacements. Before any design the reaction curves P-y must be well defined for each foundation soil layer. These curves link the pile horizontal displacement y to the subgrade reaction of soil P. Different in situ tests such as the static penetrometer or the pressuremeter give a possibility to get the P-y curves in the case of a single pile installed in sand with an horizontal surface and statically laterally loaded. These ideal conditions are not always respected on the site around the pile if appear slopes, embankments, or buildings... The behaviour of such configurations of piles is more sophisticated due to the proximity ( slope, embankment, earthworks, buildings,..). A research program has been conducted to determine the influence of a slope on the P-y curves by centrifuge modelling. The centrifuge tests constitutes an experimental approach allowing parametric studies in respect with similitude laws in geotechnique. Before all, repeatable tests have demonstrated that the test conditions, the instrumentation equipment and the installation method for piles are well controlled. By this way, the obtained results from centrifuge tests can be transferred to the prototype i.e. the in situ piles. Many tests have been performed on piles in sand to determine the influence of a pile on the p-y curves. The main objective is to give for practice some coefficients to apply to p-y single pile curve to take into account the proximity slope effect. Here the experimental set up is described and in particular the proximity slope effect is discussed. Deduced subgrade reaction reduction factors are proposed for piles in sand under lateral loading.
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