Design Methods For Earthquake-Induced Pile Bending

Mylonakis, George
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The curvatures and subsequent bending imposed to piles by the surrounding soil during the passage of strong seismic waves is studied. This type of bending develops even in the absence of a superstructure and is referred to as "kinematic bending", to distinguish it from bending imposed to piles by loads generated from the inertia of the superstructure ("inertial bending"). Although kinematic loading may be severe in the presence of sharp stiffness discontinuities in the profile and may lead to damage, it has received little attention by engineers. The scope of the paper is twofold: (i) to discuss some fundamental aspects of seismic pile bending, and (ii) to review some existing design methods. To this end, a dimensionless bending strain parameter (instead of the more commonly used bending moment), and a strain transmissibility function relating pile bending strain and corresponding soil shear strain are introduced. Numerical examples are also presented.
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