Deep Foundation Underpinning Support For Fort Monroe, Virginia YMCA Historic Building Renovation

Kraft, David C.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
Atlas Systems, Inc. (ASI) resistance type piers were used to underpin a 100 year old historic structure at Fort Monroe, Virginia. This 3-story structure with basement was underpinned with 155 steel tubular push piers (4" OD) that were hydraulically installed to depths ranging between 90 and 110 ft. and to installing forces in excess of 60,000 lb. Project requirements included lowering the basement floor by 1-1/2 ft. and constructing new footings and adding stem walls to connect to the existing masonry walls. Additionally, the underpinning piers were temporary which required the development of a decoupling system to permit the transfer of the building loads from the underpinning piers to the new footings. The structural loads at the foundation level required a c. to c. pier spacing of 3.75 ft. in order to meet project requirements of a minimum Factor of Safety of 3.0 on the pier load capacity. Project requirements included a load test on the selected underpinning pier (ASI - AP2 4000.219) in order to establish installation depths for seating the piers to 60,000 lb. The project was successful in supporting the full load of the structure during the construction phase. Considerable savings in time and cost were achieved as well as avoiding any vibrations or noise during installation of the piers.
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