Behavior Of Pile Foundation Under Impact Lateral Loads

Hajialilue Bonab M.,
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The soil-pile interaction under lateral impact loads is not yet completely well known. Many tests on single piles under static lateral loads in centrifuge have been performed and P-y curves have been determined at different levels of the pile in soil. Following these static tests on piles, a large program is undertaken with the same piles submitted to impact loads. The pile equipped with various pile caps has been impacted under variable amplitudes of shock. The behavior of the pile under different impacts was studied and dynamic parameters of the soil-pile system have been determined. Many cases of loading constituting various load histories have been analyzed. They are resulting from parametric centrifuge tests run out, on the one hand with constant and cumulative impacts and on the other hand, variable and cumulative ones. The Influence of each type of loading was studied. Using a finite element method, a non-linear pile-soil system was conceived and a transient dynamic analysis have been performed. The results of the non-linear analysis and experimental data were compared giving a good agreement.
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