Behavior Of Friction Piles In Soft Clays

Labanieh, Safwan
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
An experimental set-up is specially designed to study the behavior of a friction pile of 3 cm diameter in contact with the soft clay of Mexico City in a small calibration chamber (CC) of 30 cm diameter and 50 cm height. The consolidation of this compressible clay is accomplished using a special system adapted to the CC itself to insure a good knowledge of the initial state. Loading results of the pile under a consolidation pressure of 50 kPa indicate an elastic mobilization of shear stresses at the shaft of the pile (?3 kPa for 1mm displacement) followed by a hardening plastic type behavior. Unloading-reloading results indicate a mobilization of shear stresses of the same type and of the same order of values obtained from the virgin loading stress path. Cyclic loading (?40 cycles) between 0 and 1 kPa (1/3 of the failure value) give similar results to those obtained from virgin loading.
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