Axial Pile Response Evaluation By Geophysical Piezocone Tests

Mayne, Paul W.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The axial load-displacement-capacity and load-transfer response of deep foundations can be conveniently assessed by geophysical piezocone tests that provide four independent readings with depth, including tip stress (qt), sleeve friction (fs), porewater pressures (ub), and shear wave velocity (Vs). The penetration data (qt, fs, and ub) of the CPT are utilized to obtain the pile side friction (fp) and end bearing capacity (qb) while the shear wave measurements provide the initial stiffness. Within an elastic continuum framework, the axial pile deflections are calculated and an approximate nonlinear response is obtained by modulus degradation from small-strain response (G0) to intermediate- and large-strains (G). The continuum solution permits separation of load transfer along the sides and proportion to the base. Applications are shown for case studies involving an end-bearing drilled shaft, two friction-type drilled shafts in Alabama and Georgia, and a "Class A" prediction involving driven pipe piles in residuum of the Atlantic Piedmont geology. Load-transfer data were available for the drilled shaft foundations.
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