Analyses Of Dynamic Increasing Energy Load Test On Deep Foundations

Foá, Silvana B.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
Results from full-scale loading tests showed the use of the dynamic increasing energy test (DIET) to verify the capacity of deep foundations. This method allows the measurement of dynamic resistance - displacement curve and the prediction of the static resistance -displacement curve of the pile-soil system. The comparison between the use of DIET versus the static load test is also considered herein. This work was divided in two different phases, the first accomplished in Salvador (Bahia) and the second in Brasilia (Federal District), both in Brazil. The first phase consisted of field loading tests carried out on piles comprised by an approximate 10 to 12 meters thick deposit of fine saturated sand, overlying a stiff clay layer, which is found in certain areas of the Brazilian Northeast. Two metallic (rail track) piles were field loaded in this site. One of them was dynamically tested and the other was statically tested. The second site belongs to the Post Graduate Program of the University of Brasilia. It is comprised by an approximate 8 to 14 meter think deposit of porous clay, overlying a hard strata of saprolitic state. In this site a unique precast driven centrifuged pile was tested. The DIET procedure has demonstrated to be a tool of fast execution and low cost (if compared to static load test). It is a promising procedure to evaluate the behavior of pile-soil system.
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