Wharf Reconstruction At Gasps Sandy Beach - Historic

Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
Port Gaspé is located on the back side of Gaspé bay and is protected by a natural sand barrier with a length of 2,5 km, from which it got its name, Gaspé Sandy Beach (1). Since 1904 the Gaspé region had a deep water wharf, initially very different, in fact, from the one existing just before the recent reconstruction (2). This wharf with a length of 228 m and a width of 23 m was build of timber cribs. The outside walls of these cribs had been doubled with a wooden wall, creosote impregnated to provide resistance to decay and to the attack of marine organisms (limnorias) (3). Fifteen years ago the upper part of the wood construction had to be removed, because of progressing rottenness and was replaced by an L-shaped reinforced concrete structure (4).
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