Mathematical Background For The Design Of Rotating Machinery Foundations With Deep Piles ? Summary

Wechsler, Marius B.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 17
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
There are considered deep piles which are fixed in blocks of rotating machinery foundations. A mathematical background is developed for determining the behavior of this kind of piles for motions caused by horizontal and vertical oscillations, as well as by roc-king and twisting. It is assumed that the piles come across a top soil layer of depth c, not capable of lateral support, and penetrate over a length b, in a bottom firm soil layer, or in a bottom soft soil layer in which vibrations can produce voids around the piles. With respect to b and c, as well as to the elastic properties of piles and soils, the analysis leads to the maximum bending moments and shear forces subjecting the piles, to the maximum lateral bearing on the bottom soil layer, as well as to the deflection of the pile and the displacement of the foundation block. The results of the performed analysis can be applied to seismic loads too, and they are illustrated by a numerical example.
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