Ground Improvement For The Deep Foundation Of A 650 M Long Quay Wall In The Port Of Hamburg

Arz, Peter
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 1
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
In the port of Hamburg a 650 m long quay wall was completed in mid-1985. The watertight wall consists of loadbearing steel buttress piles PSP 1012 which are up to 28 m long and infill interlocking sheet piles PZ 612. The construction method used for this quay wall, which included the simultaneous implementation of ground improvement measures, is the subject of this lecture. Originally, as is common practice, driving of the sheet piles had been envisaged. The composition of the subsoil, which consists of fill, clay, sand and boulder clay, is typical of the Hamburg region. In the upper layers (down to a depth of approx. 15 m), the subsoil is interspersed with debris from ancient civilisations but also dating from the war and post-war period (bomb craters filled with debris and demolition material).
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