Wave Equation Analysis And Dynamic Monitoring - A Presentation At The Deep Foundations Institute?McGill University Symposium Montreal, September 1983

Fellenius, Bengt
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1984
The conventional wave equation analysis without control of the representativeness of the parameters to the actual conditions does not provide accurate results. However, the representatives can be vastly improved by means of using the results of monitoring the dynamic response in a pile during driving. Dynamic monitoring displays the interaction of independent strain and acceleration measurements having directly propor­tional response to impacts, but inversely proportional response to re­flections from the soil. Examples are given and the CAPWAP method used to calculate from the measurements the dynamic pile and soil para­meters and mobilized soil resistance is outlined. The dynamic monitoring technique and analysis has been accepted internationally and been incor­porated into Building Codes. The prediction is offered that in five year's time, no major piling project will be undertaken without dynamic monitoring and analysis.
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