Brightman Street Bridge Replacement Project

Cervia, Arturo Ressi di
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2003
Construction of the drilled shafts for the Brightman Street Bridge Replacement Project were not only challenging due to working over the water but were also challenged by changed soil conditions, concurrent work being performed by an adjacent contractor on the same project, environmental restrictions and severe winter conditions. A total of 36 x 8 feet diameter drilled shafts with 7.5 feet rock sockets were installed for the East and West bascule piers. This project also included Osterberg Cell load testing on two production drilled shafts at each the East and West bascule piers. The results from the load test program were used to fine tune the design of the drilled shaft rock sockets. From a constructability standpoint the reverse circulation drilling method with a pile top drill rig proved to be an excellent choice for drilling the overburden and rock sockets of the large diameter deep drilled shafts.
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