Dynamic Lateral Response Of A Full-Scale Pile Group

Rollins, Kyle M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 11
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
To improve our understanding of lateral resistance of pile groups, a series of lateral load tests were performed on a full-scale pile group using both static and dynamic loads. The pile group consisted of nine 0.6 m-diameter steel pipe piles driven into clay. During the static tests, the load was cycled fifteen times to evaluate the drop in lateral resistance that would occur due to repeated loading and the formation of a gap. The peak load typically decreased by about 15% from the initial cycle to the last cycle. The load carried by each pile was also measured and there was a significant drop in resistance for the piles in the trailing row relative to the leading row. The dynamic force was applied using the Statnamic loading system which produced a lateral force of 3500 kN (787 kips) in about 0.1 seconds. In two cases, dynamic loads were applied following application of 15 static load cycles. In these cases, the dynamic lateral resistance was about the same as the static resistance, likely due to gaps around the pile. In three other cases, the dynamic force was applied prior to the cyclic loading. In these cases, the dynamic resistance was 30 to 60% higher than the static resistance. Simplified analyses suggest that the difference in resistance could be attributed to damping produced by the soil surrounding the piles during the virgin loading.
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