CPT - Guided Installation Of Pressure-Grouted Displacement Piles

Petersen, Mark M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 14
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
As part of the addition of eight new combined cycle generating units at the Florida Power & Light Sanford Plant, 2,129 piles were to be installed. The existing plant elements were supported on driven piles, and the variation in pile lengths during previous work, as well as available subsurface information, indicated a complex stratigraphy. At the request of the owner, the designer/construction manager developed a program to evaluate the use of pressure-grouted displacement piles. A pre-design load test program in areas that represented the apparent extremes in subsurface conditions indicated that the system was feasible; however, the presence of existing features that were to be demolished later precluded the clear delineation of subsurface conditions in advance of construction. A contract was negotiated with the pile installer based on the best estimate of potential pile lengths, with modifications to pile lengths to be set based on additional exploration. A total of 52 cone penetration soundings and five load tests were performed immediately prior to and during pile installation to establish correlations between the CPT data and pile performance. Pile depths were set based on these correlations. Pile installation was completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule and 15 percent under the original budget estimate. This paper documents the evaluation of pressure-grouted displacement piles as an emerging technology, and illustrates the benefits of a close working relationship between the owner, designer, and pile contractor at a site with variable subsurface conditions.
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