Deep Soil Mixing Utilizing Multi-Auger Equipment And Procedures - General - Background Information

Jakiel, Robert
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 17
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2001
The following paper is being presented to provide a basic understanding of the equipment and procedures used in multi-auger deep soil mixing as part of the program for the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Deep Soil Mix Seminar. The paper is written as a summary of the author's experience using multi-auger deep soil mixing equipment while working with SMW Seiko, Inc. on several east coast projects in the United States, particularly the soil-cement mixing for the soil stabilization of the Fort Point Channel area in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the largest and most difficult soil mixing projects completed thus far in the United States. The summary provides a brief summary and insight into some of the operational aspects of the equipment and procedures, and some of the important considerations when using multi-auger deep soil mixing. This paper is intended for use by both the contractor and the designer involved in selecting appropriate soil mixing equipment and procedures for various types of soils, depths or applications, or for a better understanding of the operational aspects, potential benefits, and impacts that the performance criteria may have on the operational capabilities of the soil mix equipment, when specifying multi-auger soil mixing for a particular project. Prior to reading this article it is important to become more familiar with the various acronyms and terminology used in soil mixing technology. A Definitions section has been provided at the end of the paper that will help the reader become more familiar with some of the terms used throughout this paper.
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