Performance Of A Large Diameter Drilled Pier

Partos, A. J.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
The figures and tables referred to herein are presented in the Proceedings; Volume I, Pages 309 through 316. The 61-story One Liberty Place, at 315 m., is the tallest building 1n Philadelphia and was in 1987 the ninth tallest building in the world. One Liberty Place is supported on drilled piers socketed in heterogeneous metamorphic rock. Design load distribution was 40% on the base and 60% by shaft resistance. Drilled Pier G-10 supporting a T13-A type outrigger column was instrumented. There 1s no uplift load on the exterior outrigger columns. This column supports a 53,850 kN compressive load which includes a 13,440 kN windload. Table 4 presents experimental parameters from straight line interpolation of Mohr failure envelopes for the Wissahickon schist. Lowest values of cohesion (12,200 kN/m2) and angle of internal friction (19°) are at a 50° - 59° angle of foliation. Figure 3 presents a typical pier supported by shaft resistance 1n decomposed (D) and coreable (C) rock and by end bearing (B).
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