Variable Inertia Elastic Piles On Elastic Plastic Soils Bearing Horizontal Forces: A Numerical Calculation Method Applied To Two Examples Of Structures

Noce, G.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
The ever more present necessity for greater precision in foundation structures on vertical piles subject to horizontal forces applied to the heads, in the light of of the latest knowledge about the elastic-plastic behaviour of the soil has led to the use of numerical calculation for the formulation of a general resolution method for the problem. The calculation method that will be set out, applicable to piles with inertia moments variable discreetly along their axes is especially useful when studying steel structures for medium and large tonnage vessels for which the metal piles are often constructed for the assembly of section of equal external diameter but different thickness and therefore different inertia moments. Two examples are given of constructions whose foundations have been projected with these calculation tools, one in the railway sector (foundation pile for the river Nera viaduct - Italy) important for the limitation of horizontal relative deck displacement, the other maritime (Dolphins of the petroleum pier of the port of Bandar Abbas - Iran).
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