The Use Of A Reverse Circulation Diaphragm Walling Technique To Form A Plastic Cut-Off Wall Around Sizewell B Power Station

Cowie, H. F.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
Britain's first pressurised water reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Station is now under construction at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast. A linear cut-off wall was proposed to ensure that the drawdown of water to some 14m below sea level in the overlying sands during construction of the new power station would not affect the existing adjacent nuclear power station. The low permeability cut-off wall was constructed by diaphragm walling techniques by excavating a continuous deep trench supported by bentonite mud and then disĀ­placing the bentonite by a plastic concrete to form the "impermeable" membrane. The paper describes the automated digging apparatus ("Hydrofraise") with the extensive support facilities required to achieve completion within programme, control methods used to obtain the high vertical tolerances and the properties of the plastic concrete and the production plant used for its production.
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