The Effect Of Vertical Pile Loading On Subsequent Lateral Behaviour

Lyndon, A.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
Vertical and lateral load tests were carried out on two 13 m deep bored cast-in-place instrumented piles, socketed into weathered sandstone. The first pile, 1200 mm in diameter, was loaded vertically to a maximum of 16000 kN and then loaded to failure under lateral load (1900 kN). The second pile, 1500 mm in diameter, was tested under lateral load up to a maximum of 2400 kN. It was found that the deflections of the 1200 mm pile were more than twice those of the 1500 mm pile under similar loads. The soils on the site are not easily tested in the laboratory, or by conventional insitu site investigation techniques, parameters needed in design can only be reliably obtained from pile test results. In this report shear moduli are back analysed from the vertical load test and the two lateral load tests. For these similarly installed piles very different design parameters were determined from the lateral load tests, the only known major difference between the piles being that the 1200 mm pile was loaded vertically before it was loaded laterally. Changes in G values needed to match performance under vertical load if applicable to lateral loading could have accounted for a significant amount of the difference.
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