Rehabilitation Of Existing Foundation Piles Of Marine Structures In New York City Harbor, USA

Kelleher, P. B.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
Most of the piers and other pile-supported marine structures in the New York City Harbor area were constructed prior to the widespread use of currently available pile protective systems. As a result, the support piling of many existing marine structures have experienced deterioration to an extent that their structural sufficiency is impaired long before the useful life of the structures they support is over. This situation presents special and unique problems of how to restore the structural integrity of these piles while at the same time allowing full use of the structures they support. Spearin, Preston & Burrows is a 100 year old New York City-based marine construction firm specializing in waterfront and foundation construction. In recent years it has undertaken and successfully completed several unusual projects in the New York City Harbor area involving the rehabilitation of existing, deteriorated piling underneath major, economically important marine structures. This work was accomplished using techniques that permitted full use of these structures. Several different pile rehabilitation systems were used, each having their own particular application to the deterioration problems of the piles supporting each structure.
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