Reanalysis Of Piles Under Static And Dynamic Lateral Loads

Prakash, S.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
The process of pile driving disturbs the soil around the pile. The nature and magnitude of disturbance depends upon 1) the pile size, and 2) the nature of soil. Therefore, the prediction of a single pile behavior based on soil properties of undisturbed soil samples may not match its performance. Under lateral loads, the pile may loose contact with the soil near the ground surface especially in clays. The soil pile interactions are influenced the most by pile behavior in this zone. This situation further affects the tally of prediction and performance. Piles are used in groups. The zones of overlapping stress from one pile to the other both around the pile and below their tip particularly in soft soils, contribute to group effects. Empirical solutions have been developed for prediction of the pile group behavior. The group action is more involved under vibrations. Several cases of single piles and pile groups under static and dynamic loads from published records have been analysed. It has been shown that single pile test is the best source of information on the soil-pile-soil interaction effects.
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