Dynamic Stability Of An Axially Loaded Pile

Gajin, S. S.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
The paper deals with parametric vibrations of an axially loaded pile. The dynamic model is derived by means of Hamilton's principle and reduced to a partial differen­tial equation with variable coefficients and corresponding initial boundary conditions, taking into account the influence of the axial force. By means of Galerkin's method, the partial equation is further reduced to a Matheu-Hill's matrix partial differential equation of the second order. Since the problem of the dynamic stabili­ty has been expressed only for standing piles, the paper analyses in detail two stan­ding piles, one which is restreined, whereas the other is hinged at the toe. In both cases it is assumed that head horisontal displacement is prevented. Using Ruunge-Kutt's method, a computer analysis in the time domain is given for the characteristic parameters and possible boundary conditions. The paper analyses the stationariness of the process, as well as the dependance of the critical excitation frequency upon the pile parameters. The results have been illustrated by respective diagrams.
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