Construction Of Pile Foundation For Railway Viaducts

Khattar, M. D.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
The paper describes the salient construction features of the Pile foundation work for the Railway viaducts in Algeria. Six viaducts were constructed for execution of the Railway line between Aintemouchent and Benisaf in Algeria. The work was executed by the Indian Railway Construction Company Limited of India (IRCON) for the Algerian National Railways (S.N.T.F.). These six viaducts had multiple spans of 36M resting on hollow piers of heights upto 69M. Most of the piers were founded on piles of 1 and 1.2M dia bored piles going upto 22M deep through calĀ­careous rocks and were designed for Railway loading in seismically active area. The work involved 356 piles & constituted a very important aspect of the whole work. The concrete in the piles was made with sulphate resistant cement and the integrity of the concrete was tested with Sonic method so as to ensure the quality. The piles were driven with the help of a hydraulic oscillator and the concrete was laid with a tremie pipe. Problems as encountered during execution have been explained.
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