An Unusual Permanent Shoring Job

Demetrick, Gordon
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
3900 Yonge St. was not a typical site on which to build a condominium apartment. A steep hill covered the majority of the site. In order to use as much of this site as possible, the rear of the building was to have nine stores cut into the face of the hill. A permanent shoring system was required as the building structure was not designed to provide sufficient stabilizing elements to support the total earth pressure. The total excavation depth required was 36 m (120'-0") with the upper 12 m (40'-0") to be backsloped. The vertical face of soil to be supported was 24 m (80'-0'). The shoring system originally designed by the Structural Engineer was to support this face by installing soldier piles and inclined earth anchors. During bid preparation it became evident to us that the system as designed would be difficult and expensive to install due to wet soil conditions. An innovative design was required to overcome these problems. Anchor Shoring hired John Stephenson Consultants Ltd. to aid them in accomplishing this goal. After extensive investigation together with The Trow Group, a unique design was proposed which provided a practical solution to the shoring problem.
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