Development Of The Osterberg Load Cell

Guild, Charles L.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
I will add a few facts about the use and development of the Osterberg Test Load Cell and my association with Jorj. I first met Jorj in 1965 when the Guild Construction Co. drove 12" diameter cast-in-place shell piles for him at the Marquette Cement Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. When I met Jorj at the DFI Trustee's meeting in 1985 at Longboat Key, Florida, he showed me a sketch of his idea about using a test cell at the bottom of a caisson to test the end bearing and side friction on a caisson. He had made a successful trial test in Case International's equipment yard and wondered whether a similar device could be made for a driven pile. At first I was skeptical that it could be done but after thinking about it overnight I told him I felt it was feasible and we would do some work on it. At that time, there was a large bridge job going out for bid in Rhode Island using 14" square prestressed concrete piles'. Based on a record of the Guild Construction Co. Inc. driving over 3,000,000 feet of piling on work for the State of R.I., we felt we would have an excellent chance to be allowed to use them so we designed, detailed and fabricated three for 14" square prestressed concrete piles. As things worked out, we did not test them on this job and have not to date.
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