Test Pile Program Carrier Pier And South Wharf Naval Station Puget Sound Everett, Washington

Winter, David G.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 22
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
The first test pile for the carrier pier and south wharf at NAVSTA Puget Sound was driven on December 27, 1989, and the final pile was tested on February 26, 1990. Implementation and modification of the test pile program were done by the owners (WESTDIV and ROICC-Everett), the engineers (ABAM and Hart Crowser), and the contractor and his subcontractor (General Manson Joint Venture and GRL). The site is located as shown on Figure 1. SUMMARY OF THE SOIL CONDITIONS A soil profile along the pier is shown as Figure 2. The soil units can be generalized as follows: ? Upper Silts - Fill, sandy silt, and clayey silt extending from the mudline to an elevation of about -80 feet; ? Intermediate Sand - A medium dense to very dense silty sand unit which is about 30 feet thick near the shore, but thins and disappears offshore; ? Lower Silts - Sandy silts and clayey silts in a medium stiff to stiff condition; ? Deep Sand - A very dense overconsolidated sandy soil encountered at an elevation of about -145 feet.
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