Mt. Baker Ridge Access Pits And Seattle Bus Tunnel Jet Grouted Piles

MacDonald, John F.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
From 19BS thru the present, Guy F. Atkinson Construction Company has been involved in several transportation construction projects in the Seattle area. Two of these contracts, the Mt. Baker Ridge Tunnel, and The Seattle Bus Tunnel, had unique foundation features. MT. BAKER RIDGE TUNNEL ACCESS PITS The Mt. Baker Ridge Tunnel is part of the general upgrading of the I-90 freeway between I-405 and I-5 (see Fig. 1). It is located on the western shore of Lake Washington and consists of a 1300 foot long large diameter tunnel thru Mt. Baker Ridge. The ridge consists of over consolidated silts and clays overlain by a loose to medium dense silty fine sand. The water table is perched in this upper layer of material. The clays of Seattle have a history of being very sensitive to excavation. The hills are marginally stable and numerous landslides have occurred recently in the area of the tunnel. [ ]
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