Downtown Seattle Transit Project - International District Station

Sandaas, Richard K.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 21
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
Start Date: April 4, 1988 Completion Date: Dec. 29, 1989 Contractor: SCI Contractors Past and present transportation centers will come together at International District Station, located at the south entrance to the tunnel next to the turn-of-the-century Union Station train depot. The area will bustle once again with activity as commuters and visitors converge on the modern transit station at the edge of Seattle's International District. Buses coming from south Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 will enter the tunnel through this station. [ ] International District Station is an open-air station, 1,060 feet long and 82 feet wide (about 15,400 cubic yards of concrete were used to build the station). A concrete lid over the southern portion of the station staging area is held in place by 131 support piles. The station will include entrances on Jackson Street and King Street. Union Pacific Realty is planning to build an office and retail complex upon the lid. The station also has an international flair. Symbols of the Chinese zodiac will be etched into the station plaza floor. The station platform walls will be lined with large steel panels embellished with designs in origami?a Japanese folded paper art form. [ ]
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