Unusual Solutions To Difficult Earth Retention And Underpinning Projects ? Summary

Rayburn, Larry
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 20
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
Design of cost effective engineered solutions to complex problems requires the team efforts of the owner, the designer and the specialty construction contractor. The basic ingredients of success required to remain competitive and still produce a quality product are creative design based on experience and sound engineering principles, plus practical aspects of constructibility. The three case histories describe creative design/construct approaches that benefited all parties. 1. Introduction The increasing demand placed on specialty contractors to provide cost effective buildable solutions to complex construction problems compels us in the industry to be highly innovative. The practice of geotechnical engineering is considered more of an "art" than perhaps the other disciplines within civil engineering largely because of the basic nature and variability of soil and rock. The geotechnical design engineer must have the knowledge of the components of his design and know the limitations of his equipment and labor force. Thus, for the design/build specialty contractor the potential for creation of unusual solutions to difficult problems is quite high.
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