Permanent Displacement And Pile Driving Vibrations - Summary

Dowding, Charles H.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 18
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
Whenever piling vibrations are significant, construction activities associated with pile driving and/or excavation can produce permanent displacement. These permanent displacements are more detrimental to structural performance than the hair sized, cosmetic, plaster cracks that might be produced by slightly exceeding reasonable vibration controls. Case studies are presented which demonstrate the relative importance of permanent displacements compared to directly produced transient vibration displacement within a horizontal distance of one pile length. Special attention is paid to settlements produced by densification of liquefiable sands. SOURCES OF TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT DEFORMATION DURING CONSTRUCTION Confusion over multiple sources of facility deformation caused by adjacent construction complicates the discussion of the relative importance of vibration induced cracking. None of the recent scientific investigations of vibration induced cracking (Siskind et el, 1980), involved deformation other than that produced by ground vibration from rock blasting. Thus these studies carry the implicit assumption that no ground deformation occurred other than that produced by the transient vibration. In other words there is no permanent deformation other than that which is typical of the older residential structures investigated.
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