Tied-Back Offset Tangent Caisson Retaining Wall For The North Bulkhead Third Harbor Tunnel Project Boston, Massachusetts ? Introduction

Hanson, Daniel L.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 13
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1994
This paper presents a case history of the design, installation and performance of a tied-back tangent caisson retaining wall which was constructed as part of the Third Harbor Tunnel project currently underway in Boston, Massachusetts. The Third Harbor Tunnel project consists of a large multi-lane transportation tunnel which is being constructed by the sunken tube method. In this type of construction, the tunnel alignment, slopes and bedding are excavated and installed underwater and the tunnel sections floated over the proper alignment and sunk in place. The tangent caisson retaining wall discussed in this paper was constructed to provide support of the upper portions of the tunnel excavation at the East Boston Portal where the tunnel exited from below the harbor and continued underground on shore. A portion of the tangent caisson retaining wall was also utilized to provide earth support for the barge unloading facility where spoil from the tunnel excavation was transferred to surface vehicles for removal from the site. PROJECT BACKGROUND The tangent caisson retaining wall was constructed by The Millgard Corporation (TMC) as a subcontractor to the Boston Third Harbor Tunnel Contractors, a Joint Venture which consisted of the firms of Morrison-Knudsen Corporation, Interbeton Inc., and J.F. White Contracting Company. The entire project team is listed below on Table 1. The design of the tangent caisson wall system was performed by Hanson Engineering, P.C. (HE) acting as design consultant to TMC. The retaining wall system incorporated a single row of pressure injected earth anchors (tie-backs) as part of the design. The earth anchors were designed and installed by Drill Tech as a subcontractor to TMC.
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