Specialized Slurry Wall Equipment - The Hydromill - Summary

Mauro, Mario
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 14
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1994
The article illustrates the Hydromill technology, as applied in urban sites, and its advantages in terms of quality of the end product, mitigation of the construction impact, and optimization of the logistics at the site. Also highlighted are the main features of the excavation equipment and slurry treatment plant. Two recent urban applications of this technology in Europe are briefly described, together with the forthcoming application to the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston. Introduction The Hydromill technology has been used extensively in Europe in the last decade for slurry wall construction in urban environments. In Italy, this technology has been applied by Ing. Giovanni Rodio & C., Impresa Costruzioni Speciali S.p.A. in two large projects. The first project is the construction of Stations Darsena and San Giorgio of the first metro line in Genova. The second project is the "Cut-and Cover" tunnel for the railway link in Torino. Hydromill technology will be used for the construction of the Soldier Pile Tremie Concrete walls of the Boston Central Artery Tunnel Project, contract C14C2, Utility Relocation at Fulton Street.
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