Frequency-Variable Vibrators And Their Application To Foundation Engineering - 1 Introduction

Massarsch, K. Rainer
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 15
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
In some parts of the world, vibrators are used extensively for different types of foundation engineering projects. If used correctly and in suitable soils then vibratory pile driving for example is very efficient. However, soil conditions and the installation procedure have great significance for the driving resistance and affect the bearing capacity of vibrated piles. Also the intensity of ground vibrations which are transmitted to the surrounding soil is affected by the vibration process. In spite of the increasing use of vibrators and the rapid development of vibrator technology, many aspects of pile-soil interaction are not yet understood. In order to asses the importance of factors, which govern pile installation (and extraction), it is necessary to consider the entire chain of vibration energy transmission from the vibration source to the pile, the interaction between the vibrating pile and the soil and the wave propagation in the subsoil, Fig. 1. [ ] Fig. 1. Transfer of vibration energy from the vibrator through the pile into the ground In the present paper, some important aspects of vibratory driving and their significance for pile installation and soil compaction will be discussed.
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