Dynamic Pile Testing In Soils Exhibiting Set-Up - Introduction

Antorena, Juan M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
A dynamic testing program was performed to evaluate installation procedures, assess capacity of 610-mm (24-inch) diameter open ended steel pipe to evaluate set-up and provide minimum pile tip elevation based on the dynamic testing results. The program was performed for a marine terminal project consisting of a 570-meter (1900-foot) long, overwater railroad trestle. The project location is Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. The subsurface profile generally consisted of 4m (12 ft.) of water and soft to hard silty clays. The piles were installed to an approximate tip elevation of -22 meters (MSL). Three piles were initially dynamically monitored during installation and then later monitored during restrike driving to evaluate pile drivability and bearing capacity including time related capacity increases due to soil "set-up". Knowledge of change in pile capacity with time after end of initial driving is important for design of pile foundations.
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