Improvement Of The Cost-Effectiveness Of H-Bearing Piles By Using High-Strength Histar Steels. - Summary

Weber, Lucien P.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1997
Over the last few years, increased customer demands as well as strong competition from substitute materials have accelerated the development of advanced technologies to improve both the performance and the cost-effectiveness of steel H-piles. On the material side, the development of an in-line heat treatment, combined with the most advanced steelmaking and rolling techniques, allowed to create a new generation of high-strength low-alloy steel grades, called HISTAR, achieving yield points up to 500 MPa (~72 ksi) and yet maintaining excellent weldability properties thanks to a low carbon equivalent. The topic of this paper is to illustrate the performance of H-bearing piles in HISTAR steel grades. In 1989, a major test program was started at different locations in Hong Kong, which is renowned for its difficult soil and severe driving conditions. After the successful completion of these tests, the HISTAR bearing piles were accepted by the local building authorities. Thanks to their cost-effectiveness, the HISTAR bearing piles have subsequently been used with great success in areas with appropriate soil conditions, especially in Asia and more recently in Europe.
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