A Comparison Of Static And Statnamic Load Tests In Sand: A Case Study Of The Bayou Chico Bridge In Pensacola, Florida ? Summary

Justason, Michael D.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1997
This paper details the static and Statnamic load testing on a 600 mm square pre-stressed concrete pile. The pile was located at Pier 15 on the 20 million-dollar Bayou Chico Bridge Project in Pensacola, Florida. The pile was 10.5 meters long and had a design load of 1.3 MN. Three static load test cycles were performed in November, 1996. The Statnamic load test was performed in January, 1997. The Davisson Failure load of the first cycle of the static test was 3.7 MN, and the Davisson Failure load of the Statnamic test was 3.2 MN. The load-displacement curves for the two types of tests were very similar, indicating that the Statnamic load test performed well in the sandy soils. Strain gauges embedded in the pile showed 35% skin friction and 65% end bearing for both test methods. Strain gauges were located at equal spacing at five elevations in the pile. A toe accelerometer verified the rigid body assumption of the Unloading Point Method currently used in the analysis of Statnamic load tests. The data collected from the pile instrumentation was of excellent quality and represents some of the best research to date comparing static and Statnamic load tests.
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