Use Of Micropiles And Soil Nail Piles In State Of California Earthquake Retrofit Project No.#569 - Deep Foundations Institute Seattle, Washingon October 7-9, 1998

Bromenschenkel, Ron
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 58
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1998
The State of California, Department of Transportation is currently retrofitting a major interchange near the San Francisco area. The project is located in a highly traveled area of Oakland with light rail commuter service near many footings. Over 600 micropiles are being used in conjunction with CIDH piles for footing stabilization. A specially designed Soil Nail pile will support footings for a new light rail utility structure. Pile testing features in this contract serve as points of interest for future foundation designs. The presentation focuses on substructure issues of this incterchange retrofit. Both design and construction considerations will be covered. Design Considerations: ? Project Description ? Structure inadequacies ? Design criteria ? Design contraints ? Retrofit strategy ? Consultant analysis ? Pile Designs and Test Sites ? Contract Specifications ? Construction Plan and Cost
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