South 196th/200th Street Corridor And Bridge Crossing, Kent, Washington

Su, James
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 19
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1998
The Green River Valley in Kent, Washington, is a fast growing area containing retail facilities, warehouse factories and industrial businesses, including the Boeing Space Center. Traffic from Interstate - 5 to the West Valley Highway is highly congested. Accordingly, a new corridor, including a bridge across the Green River, was designed and constructed between 1996 and 1997. This paper presents a case history of the design elements and issues associated with the construction of the pier foundations of the bridge. Subsurface conditions were evaluated using both deep test borings and CPT soundings to evaluate the strength and consolidation properties of the supporting soils. Subsurface conditions consisted of alternating layers of loose and medium dense silty sand and sandy silt. Engineering analysis included an assessment of liquefaction as well as pier supporting capacity and associated settlement. The constructed foundations included 6-foot-diameter piers cased to a depth of 120 feet below the ground surface. The pier casings were driven to the design tip elevation and the soil inside the casing was removed by drilling. Despite performing borings and CPT soundings at specific pier locations, occasional trees, buried thousands of years ago through geologic processes, were surprisingly encountered during pier construction. This presented unique and difficult driving and drilling conditions. During drilling, the water level inside the piers was maintained near the ground surface to create a balance of hydrostatic pressure and prevent boiling of soils the bottom of the casing. After the casings were installed, the soil inside the casing was excavated, the rebar cage was installed and the pier was filled with concrete using treme techniques. Construction of the piers is complete and the completed piers have experienced negligible settlement. Owner: City of Kent Engineering Department Timothy La Porte, Project Manager Kent, Washington General Contractor: Mowat Construction Company, Kirkland, Washington Foundation Contractor: Condon - Johnson & Associates, Inc., Tukwila, Washington
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