When Real Estate Values Beckon - The Means And Methods Employed In The Underpinning Of 1501 Broadway

McNamara, Edward J.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
People in the real estate industry are fond of saying that the three most important features of a piece of property are, in order, location, location, and location. This is perhaps the reason that the owners of a well known high-end restaurant chain chose to spend $15 million dollars to renovate 5000 square feet of basement in a 22-story commercial building in the heart of New York City's Time Square. The goal was to create a music club with a stage area and dance floor with a mezzanine level surrounding the dance floor. In order to create the 50' x 40' dance floor and 20' x 40' stage area, 3 concrete columns were removed. New transfer girders were used to transfer the loads of these columns to new steel columns. For the mezzanine, nine columns had to be underpinned. All work continued while the restaurants, shops and offices above carried on business as usual. This paper details some of the means and methods utilized as well as the challenges faced by Underpinning & Foundation Constructors, Inc. in underpinning the columns and installing the new transfer steel.
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