Use Of The Observational Method (Best Way Out) To Allow Driven Pile Installation In Chalk - Introduction:

Morrison, Paul
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
The paper describes the design process, trial testing and contract pile installation of 772 preĀ­cast concrete piles at a site in Surrey, South East England. Recommendations on how to improve the design, construction trials and main contract piling phases of the project are made. The building layout is shown in Figure 1 and is comprised of a central circulation area with five office wings radiating out from its southern side (only three of these wings were constructed in Phase 1 of the project). Approximately 60% of the circulation area and one office wing were built with a single level basement. The basement was constructed "bottom-up" in open cut with the void between the basement walls and the cut slope being back-filled with compacted site won soil above a perimeter drainage system at basement slab level. The building has up to 3 stories above basement level and is a reinforced concrete structure. The client for the project is Pfizer Ltd. Pfizer Ltd was represented on site by Laing Project Management (Laing). The consulting engineer was Ove Arup and Partners (Arup) while the piling contractor was Roger Bullivant Ltd (RBL).
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