Static And High Strain Dynamic Test Co-Relation Studies On Cast-In-Situ Concrete Bored Piles - Synopsis

Nayak, N. V.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd., has initiated a scheme for construction of 55 flyovers in Mumbai in India. To ensure speedier completion of projects several new technologies were adopted to save time without compromising on safety and reliability. Many of the flyovers involved large diameter pile foundations carrying loads ranging from 3500kN to 1375kN. Significant time would have been lost in using conventional load testing procedure to check pile capacity apart from the difficulty in mobilizing the load and the obstruction to site movement and traffic on the adjoining roads. High Strain Dynamic Testing was introduced on the project sites in lieu of static load testing after conducting numerous co-relation studies on various project sites. A total of seven co-relation studies have been conducted till date and based on these data static testing has been replaced by dynamic testing on numerous flyovers. The paper presents the results of such studies. CAPWAP analysis was also conducted on the data to evaluate the percent skin friction and end bearing so as to improve future design parameters.
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