Operator Independent Installation Of Lime Cement (L/C) Columns

Hansson, Tobias
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
The quality of Lime Cement (L/C) columns is to a great extent dependent on the installation procedure. At a site in the south of Sweden, the client reported problems with the installed columns. To evaluate the operator and equipment dependent part of the installation, Hercules Grundläggning AB was appointed as a competitor to the site contractor. The purpose was to install a number of L/C columns with equal installation parameters for both contractors. A total of 65 test columns were installed in June 1999. The geology is a typical Swedish organic soil profile with a top layer of peat overlying gyttja and clay. Two different binders were used in the comparison; blast furnace slag with cement and lime with cement. After installation, the quality of the columns was monitored by penetration tests and a column sampler for extracting whole columns. The column penetration test were performed 28 and 134 days after installation and extraction 134 days after installation. Inspection and tests of the extracted columns showed that by using a fully computer controlled procedure, the contractor produces columns of superior quality and homogeneity.
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