To Protect Pit-Wall By Means Of Chemical Grouting In Excavation Work Of Deep Foundation Pit

Houjin, Xiong
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
In the excavation works of some deep foundation pits within the boundaries of GuangĀ­dong Province of China, though some measures, such as steel sheet piles, diaphragm walls, etc. were taken to protect the walls, the construction of the excavation works was often accompanied by damage of buildings and public facilities, surface settelment. sand boil and collapse of piles. When these happened, only chemical grouting could be used as the most efficient measure for rushing to deal with or rescue the emergencies. Besides, the application of chemical grouting protection wall technique also palys a very important role under the geologic conditions of the coastal areas of Guangdong Province, when applied in the mucky oystershell layer wealthy in water and the deep mud layer, it can not only achieve good results, but also reduce the cost significantly. In this paper, we discuss the water-tight and earth retaining functions of chemical grouting protection wall in weak formation, and introduce the applicable ranges of chemical grouting protection wall in the excavation of deep foundation pits. Some technological principles and design considerations of the construction of chemical grouting protection wall are presented. Different types of protection wall are also introduced.
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