The Pile Foundation Of Tall Buildings In Shenzhen

Keqiang, Li
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
This paper discusses the pile foundation of tall buildings in Shenzhen region. For 156 constructed tall buildings exceeding 18 storeys, about 86. 5 per cent of the sum. The two main types of foundation used are the semi?machine?bored/slurry drilled cast?in?situ pile and the excavation pile (hand ?dug caisson). The engineering geologiical condition in Shenzhen was analysed. In general, the bed rock level is not too deep. It belongs to hard rock, but the geologic structure is more complex and the tectonic fissures is plenty. According to experiences of the researches, tests, designs and constructions of pile foundation, we present the basic design principle of pile foundations for tall buildings as follows; (1) pile strength control to select the pile type and to choice the cross sectional dimenĀ­sions, must be in compliance with the strength of the pile. (2) bearing stratum strongly weathered, moderartely weathered and slightly weathered rock may be used as the bearing stratum. (3) bearing pile bored /drilled cast-in-situ pile designed as an end bearing pile. (4) friction pile precast concrete pile, prestressed concrete tubular pile and driven cast-in-situ pile designe as a friction pile. In case, pile design is in compliance with these principles, it may be safe, economical and reasonable.
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