Research On The Interaction Between Pile And Foundation Soil By Boundary Element Method

Lushuang, Wang
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
This thesis is devoted to the research of the interaction between pile and foundation soil by boundary element method (BEM for short). The interaction is simulated by the interaction between two different elastic mediums. The foundation soil is simulated by the two-dimensional elastic half-plane, and the pile by the two-dimensional elastic finite plane. Therefore, the calculating models made by the paper's author would come more closed to the actual conditions. The elastic behaviour of the interaction between pile and soil, and the whole course of pile ultimate load are analysed in the thesis, and the relevant applied computer programs "BEME", "BEMPA" are designed by the paper's author. The bearing power of single pile can be worked out by the program "BEMPA", it has compared with staic loading tests of pile, and the results are in conformity to actual conditions. So it can be drawn that the BEM for studying on interaction between pile and foundation soil made in the thesis is more simple, more precise and more practical in actual project.
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