Rapid Vibratory Pile Driving Hammer For Deep Foundation

Tiemin, Li
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
It is one of important tasks in research of vibratory pile driving to increase speed of pile driving and depth of pile driving -- this means to increase capability of penetrating hard layer. In general, vibratory pile driving hammer make pile be situated in vibratory situation to drive pile by means of weight of hammer and pile, but the depth of pile driving and capability of penetrating layer are limited by dead weight of hammer. This paper introduces a new kind of vibratory pile driving hammer which differs from general ham­mer. A set of pressing system is attached to hammer and pile driving frame. The pull of winch installed on frame passing guide pulleys bring downwards press to pile through absorbing system of hammer. The practice and comparison test have showed that the new hammer is faster in pile driving and bigger in capability of penetrating layer than general one. Now, the vibratory pile driving hammer with pressing device has been applied widely in China. RESUME: The vibratory pile driving hammer based on vibratory principle to design have applied wide­ly in foundation engineering in many countries over the world. In order to suit the needs of deep foundation, at present, how can quicken speed of pile driving and increase depth of pile driving have become even more value to many countries in the world. This paper introduces a kind of rapid vibratory pile driving hammer which can drive pile deeper and more faster comparing with common vibratory pile driving hammer. Therefore, a kind of simple and reliable method has been offered for rapid vibratory pile driving in deep foundation.
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