Practice Of Large Diameter Stepped Section Bored Pile Foundation Of A Deep Water Bridge

Guoji, Cen
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
The foundation of bored pouring concrete pile have been adopted in the bridge engineering of China since early in the sixties. They demonstrated tremendous technical advantage and achieved notable economic benefit. With improvement of bridge technique including construction technique work equipment, design theory, examination in quality and applicable range etc, the pile diameter became bigger and the foundation changed from shallow to deep-water. This paper examples Jiujiang Bridge of Guangdong in China, which is single-tower cable-staged bridge, total length of 1675m, and expouds adopted successfully the foundation of variable section large bored pile (upper part d=3m, central part d=2. 4m and lower part d=2m) on the conditions of complicated technique that the load is tremendous (it require specially to resist 12000 kN ship impact) and the piles have free length 30m. The paper will be to describle design project and construction practice of pile foundation with variable section, and to compare schemes of equal section pile and pile in sinking-well.
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