Measurement And Analysis On The Bearing Behaviour And Driving Effects Of Piles In Shanghai Region

Dazhao, Gao
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
This paper presents some research results of pile foundation performance. Measurements on the bearing behaviour and driving effects of piles have been carried out during pile testing and pile driving. It has been found that the ratio of end resistance to the ultimate load depends on the pile length, and the ratio in general is less than 40% for single piles. However for pile group, the end resistance seems to be greater than skin friction. The characteristic curves of skin friction and end reĀ­sistance appear as interaction between soils and pile. The contribution of skin friction to the pile bearing capacity not only depends on soil properties but also on the relative position of the soil layer. The pore pressure and the lateral pressure in ground have been observed during the stage of driving piles. Based on the available data, the radius of plastic region and the coefficient of pore pressure A can be found analytically. The pore pressure time process curves which may be used for practice have been predicted by means of numerical method.
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