Effect Analysis On Static And Dynamic Tests Of Pile Foundations

Shitao, Hou
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
With the development of Wuhan's city planning in China, new buildings of moderate and high store have been increasing day by day. Precast concrete piles or cast-in-site piles were used in the major foundations of the buildings. In process of their design and construction geotechnical engineers are concerned very much about practical bearing capacity and construction quality of pile foundations. In order to grasp accurately the cases static loading or vibration test is used generally to judge them. At present, the major questions in existence are that although a load is applied directly on pile and measured datums are reliable for static loading test, it must take a lot of work and longer time and engineering cost is higher. A vibration test has the advantages of which checking up of pile quality can be performed rapidly, the test is simple and convenient, and scope measured wide. But bigger error exists generally in measured datums. Therefore, it is nesessary to make vibration test on piles more perfect for pile foundation engineering. It is stated in paper that adapted technique of vibration test on piles is quite right in developmental direction sense for pile foundation. There are a great variety of vibration test methods on piles. A few of methods which often are adapted in practice can not meet the need of different practical engineering. It is also an important question whether the instruments of vibration test and relevant computer softewares make a response accurately for practical case. Different sequence of operation and technical requirements comes into being some influence directly on the test results. Meanwhile, different combination of soil stratigraphy, soil texture, groundwater and pile could cause different error of test datum. It is necessary to analyse and judge objectively the results of vibration test. Therefore, on the basis of developing and perfecting further the technique of vibration test, the applied technique of vibration test should be standardized so that better test results can be obtained.
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